Tuesday, December 2, 2008

22 hours all over Metro Manila..

What a busy Sunday (November 30th) for me. My schedule that day were as follows:

3:50AM - Alarm of cell phone goes off. Time to wake up! But very hard. Sluggish!

4:00AM - Call Per and wake her up too.

4:45AM - Picked up Per in Pasig City. Drive to Luneta Park for Milo 10k Race. Pass through Pasay City instead of Buendia to get there as last time we went through Buendia for Milo race, they closed off most of the road and had us going in different detours, which made us arrive late for the run.

5:30AM - Arrived in Luneta Park with no problems getting here. Only problem is the parking. Lots and lots of runners already lining up at the starting line.

5:40AM - Found our secret parking spot only to be shooed away by security guard. Ended up parking elsewhere. Walked to starting line where it had started to drizzle a bit.

5:50AM - Went to 10k starting point and had ourselves checked in. Very tight area and hoping race starts already!

6:00AM - Mayor Alfredo Lim fires off the gun, signaling start of race. Per and I run together in our 2nd 10k race together. Our target is personal couple best with ultimate target of 1:10. We only stopped at the water stations which caught me by surprise as expected Per to do some walk breaks in-between. She wasn't tired yet so we just kept on running at a comfortable pace. There were times when I was doing the walking myself while she was still running and I just caught up with her again. Pain in my shin but kept it to myself as really wanted Per to keep on running and won't let myself be reason for her to walk. There were some bands here which gave us some entertainment. Race route is just along Roxas Blvd. Lots of water stations. Heading back, there was a siren of police bikes and cars as series of 42km runners were coming back already! Wow, pretty cool seeing them there!

7:20AM - We finished race at a time of 1 hour, 16 minutes and 21 seconds. We didn't reach our ultimate goal although it was still our Couple Best and also Per's Personal Best, which was a pretty good finale for her final race for 2008! Will try again next year to improve on our time by increasing pace. Our average pace was 07:31 minutes/ km but total distance according to my garmin was at 10.16 km. Per's knees were in pain so rest of the year will be rest and recovery for her muscles. Headed immediately to Milo stands for chocolate drinks after which I went back to my car to fetch my camera.

8:00AM - Left Luneta to eat breakfast. Since Roxas Blvd was still closed for marathon finishers, we went to Ongpin instead to look for chinese restaurants but with no parking, we left place again and headed to Taft Avenue to head out of Manila area.

8:30AM - Arrived in Magallanes and ate at Pancake House. Saw three guys eating there with two of them wearing their Milo Shirts. Was wearing mine as well. Haha. Had heavy but oh so yummy breakfast of pancakes with bacon and egg.

9:30AM - Dropped off Per at her house, and head on home for quick shower. Brother and mom went with me to Megamall for Sunday service. Lunch at Megamall with family.

2:00PM - Picked up Per again. Brought mom and brother home and Per and I went to Commonwealth, Quezon City for Christening of Godson

2:30 - 3:20PM - Super heavy traffic along EDSA. Cars not moving! Refusing to accept it but nothing to do. Found out that a car accident was causing the traffic. Finally got out of jam and drove fast to make it just in time for the ceremony. PHEW!

4:30PM - drive to QC Sports Club for birthday party of Friend's daughter. Ate a lot: Kare-kare, lechon, chicken, etc. Met some college buddies there.

6:00PM - went to Shakey's, a 10 minute drive from QC Sports Club for another birthday party. Ate again! Pizza, chicken, mojos, spaghetti !!! Dizzy from eating already! But can't resist the food smell. Yum!

8:30PM - 10:00PM - hang out in Per's house.

10:30PM - 12:30AM- Watched Twilight with friends at Shangri-La Mall. Theatre packed!

1:00AM - 2:00AM - drank beer at JJ's near Metrowalk. The rest ordered food there. Couldn't eat anymore today.

2:30AM - Home Sweet home! So glad no work the next day... so so tired.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Very cool 0 Km marker. I wonder how may km I drove today? Good thing gas prices got low again!!

Per got a new PR for her 10k! Woo hoo!

Played some games using my camera. For example: here's me, trying to imitate the runner in the photo...

And here's Per playing game of Where's Waldo?

Where In the World is Per?
My version from our first Milo run was a little bit harder. Click on this link: WHERE'S RFB


run unltd. said...

Seems that's one helluva day for you huh! Congrats to both of you on your couple's best time.

See you again Dennis and will look forward for the year ahead. Enjoy the rest.

janine+ said...

Ooh, it's the first time I saw Per wear the official running singlet. hehe. =)

perperoven said...

i know! i was so excited because it's the first time i got a singlet that fits me! haha. That was the longest day ever! But, come to think of it, it was fun! fun! fun!

schlagger said...

just got to love milo marathon at sobrang festive. :) congrats on your run. :)

vballrunner said...

congrats on your couple's best time.

napagod ka ata ng husto at hindi ka naka-attend ng Nike clinic. hehe

Running Fatboy said...

hi Vener, Thanks thanks! You have another Milo story to tell.

hi Janine+, yup, even I was caught by surprise when I saw her that morning.

hi Perperoven,think it was fun for you as you were just sleeping in the car! haha. joke lang

hi Schlagger, yes that makes it exciting to join this race.

hi Vballrunner, you are so right! Lost my voice yesterday and had some mild coughs. I needed a good rest from the fatigue of the long weekend.

Bro J said...

Congrats to both of you. Sayang di tayo nagkita, ang daming tao.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Bro J, it is still the BIGGEST race in the country. haha.

sfrunner said...

Hi Dennis. Congratulations on the 10K. It seemed like the Milo Manila 42K for you even to get to the start line. Take care and have a good weekend!

Johnny Sy said...

Congratulations to you and Per!! I know how it feels to have strained knees but I'm back to running -- will run a 10K tomorrow at UP. Hope my knees are stronger now.

What was amazing was having a full day despite the 10K -- iba ka talaga. Hope I have the same energy level tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Wayne, thanks! That day was pretty tiring but memorable as well..

hi Johnny, thanks. How did your 10k go? Me and Per will do the UP race next Sunday as our final run.