Saturday, January 3, 2009

My marathon Training Program

Starting this month, I will be following the 16 week program to train for a full marathon. Given this will be the first time I am doing it, I have no idea in terms of finding the right program for a full marathon so I went immediately to to look for one.

It lead me to three choices:

1) The Rookie Marathon Training Program: A marathon training program designed for first time marathoners who seldom run or race beyond six miles.

This had you running for 5-days in a week with a quality day put in that mixes Fartlek, Track ladders, Kenyan Outbacks and Yasso 800s. No idea what they were!! Good thing there was a description for each of them.

2) Marathon Training Program For Slackers: How to get in Shape for 26.2 if you haven't been training.

This was done by coach and Olympian runner Ed Eyestone to a person who has never ran in his life. This one I found in an old issue of Runners World magazine (August 2006) and had you running 6-days in a week with tempos, intervals, and doing farts... i mean fartleks.

The bad thing about this article was that the author was injured while doing it so it may have been too hard for him. Though he did finish his full marathon after resting for a bit, injury is one path I do not want to take.

I initially wanted this one as thought who better to give advice than a Olympian runner but upon reading the forum on this article , I opted to go for something less difficult as my goal here is just to finish race.

3) Runner's World Smart Coach. Through this program, you input your current race time, goal and mileage per week and it would design a plan for you for 16-weeks. My program has only 3 Runs in a week with run pace slower than my average race pace. The 3 runs are broken down into easy, tempo/speedwork and a long run at the end of the week. Rest of the week are either for resting or crosstraining.

Not too stressful given target is just 3 days but still had enough weekly mileage given the 20miles long runs! Good reviews too from other people who have tried this plan.

So I am sticking to the Smart Coach. Now, comes the hard part: following it !

This will be my PRIMARY RUNNING GOAL for 2009.

Some other running goals for 2009:

1) Lose weight from running - it also helps if I eat and drink the right food!
2) Try and get New Couple PR and/or New PR for 10km races
3) Try and get New PR for 15km race
4) Convince Per to try for a 15km race. Hehe!
5) Do the Skyway 21km race by Condura (and hope to beat PR too) and have a great time! Perfect for the long runs that I need to do too! I hope there will be more 21km races next year for me to join so won't get bored doing a long run.


Jinoe said...

Nice plan, Den. Wishing you well in your marathon goal for 2009. Kailan nga ba? Im training for the Pasig Marathon on March.

ibetlacbay said...

Go full marathon! I am also using the smart coach. Good luck on you 2009 goals!

run unltd. said...

Good luck on your training Dennis. A 16-week program is well enough for your marathon goal, just stick to your goals and train smart. See you soon.

Johnny Sy said...

Good luck in achieving your goals Dennis. Wish I had your confidence to go for a full marathon this year but I'll be happy with a half-marathon first. After that, the goal will be adjusted. Keep us posted on your progress -- I'll be looking for advise on going after my first marathon!!! Good luck and run injury free!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm going to use the book "Marathon" by Hal Higdon ( My friend from the U.S recommended it after using it for her past 3 full marathons! Good luck to us all! We just aim to finish our first one.
Carolyn Ching

Rico Villanueva said...

Dennis, enjoy training with your Smart Coach. I suggest you cross-train for variety and even relaxation. Light swimming actually helps relax the muscles, while moderate cycling/spinning can remove remaining lactic acid/tension from calves.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Jinoe, it will be end of May for the Singapore Sundown Marathon

hi Wilbert, nice to hear we are using the same program. Good luck on your first marathon as well.

hi Vener, thanks for the tip!

hi Johnny, thanks for this. Will definitely keep you posted.

hi Carolyn, lend me the book too! haha.

hi Rico, thanks for the tip. Will definitely put some cycling and some strength training in my workout as well so can come out strong for the full marathon.