Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beach Running

Recently my sister sent me a text message on whether we should run on the beach during our time here in Boracay? I replied that it looks good but near departure date, I really didn't want to pack a pair of running shoes in my backpack and looking at removing this activity from my stay at the beach. I confirmed with her whether she would bring her running shoes and she said, "no, its better to run barefoot.".

Hmmm, now that got me all curious. Running barefoot on sandy beach with broken shells and debris to avoid? Still, this was something new and who knew what it felt like. She said that it would be hard because you would be sinking into the sand and had that added weight just to keep on going. Hmmm, interesting. Definitely worth trying out for the experience alone!

So at around 5pm when the sun was partially gone, we decided to do it. Yes, it was hard, more so given that we were running on an inclined plane so we ran tilted somewhat. Yes, I had to look where I was running as I didn't want to step on broken glass, broken shells and other stuffs in the beach that would cause me injury... but, I had a great time. It was tiring. It was hard but more so, it was fun for the experience alone. Now, I'm sore but I'm sore with a smiling face!

Thanks Carolyn for this barefoot running experience. Never thought I would try it but as cliches go, "never say never". I was also able to find out the distance from end of Station 1 -3 so that added to my knowledge as well (its 3.7km).

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Anonymous said...

Yup, see at least we burn what we ate and drank! :)