Monday, January 12, 2009

January 2009 races - The HAPPY BULL RUN!

We should start the year right through exercise and proper diet, and one motivation for me in terms of exercise is to join the upcoming running races. Once I paid for them, there is no turning back (unless, of course, you don't mind throwing away money)!


The first run for the year will be done in Fort Bonifacio (January 18, 2009) and will have 3k, 5k, 10k categories. I have registered for the 1okm race. This will be my 2nd PSE BULL RUN so my goals are as follows (arranged from easiest to hardest):

1. Beat my PSE BULL RUN record of 1:04:23 set last January 2008.

2. Go Under an Hour. Might prove difficult given its uphill climbs and not enough training for me.

3. Go For PR. Yeah, right !!!! But a guy can dream can't he? Hehe...

Registration is open at PSE Bldg., Ortigas Ctr., Pasig City for fee of Php 250.


The following Sunday (January 25, 2009) will be another race organized by Rio and done by celebrity star Drew Arellano. There will also be 3 categories here but instead of a 10km like that of PSE Bull Run, they will instead make it 15km. Go the distance huh?

Race Venue is also at Fort Bonifacio. Registration fee is Php 250 and can be paid at R.O.X. in Fort Bonifacio. Nice thing about this race is that this is for a good cause!

My goal for this race is simply to get a P.R.

Anyone else doing the HAPPY BULL RUN???


Nora, the runner for all seasons said...

See you at the PSE Bull Run Dennis. Good luck to your sub 1 hr goal. This would be my first 10k race so I'll just take it easy and try not to finish last hehe...

Nora, the golden girl

Running Fatboy said...

nice seeing you Nora. Looks like you finished strong in your first 10km race. Tc.