Thursday, June 25, 2009

Special Number!

For my final road race in June, I registered at Columbia Greenbelt 5 for the UP GIG Run. This will be my 2nd U.P. race for the month of June, 3rd 10km race for month of June and 4th road race for the month of June. But this was the first time ever I got this number. And what makes this number special is that it's my birthday number. How awesome!

I first wanted to order my birthday number for Sundown Marathon race but changed my mind at the last minute because I realized how expensive it was (nearly Php 2,000!). After thinking about it, I realized that that moohlah could buy a lot of things for me so it was just my good luck that I got my bday bib number from this race and in the month of my birth! (And just paying Php 250 for it). What are the odds?

Another good thing about being a runner and having family and friends who are into the same sport you are is that they know what to give to you.

From my sister Nat, I got a SPI BELT:

This is a flexible belt that you clip on your waist and has an expandable pouch in the front. Said pouch is big enough to put in my digital camera or in the case of my Singapore race, 6 GU gels!

I can also use this to attach my bib numbers so no more rusty safety pin stains on my nice dri-fit shirts and no more shirt holes from said safety pins. It was also easier to attach the bibs here (as I usually try more than once in trying to pin the bib number on my shirt just to make sure it is even).


One of my problems in doing my marathon was that both my NB shoes were totally worn out. They were not as soft as they were before. The cushioning was weak and the sole were flat already. They were still okay for a 10km run but not for a 42km. It was time for a replacement!

Unfortunately, the shoes I bought weren't good for me. In fact, I had a hard time running in them the following day. They were heavy and it was just bad to run in it. There was just too much cushion in it making it super firm. I didn't enjoy running anymore because of the shoes. It was terrible. And having wasted money on this purchase already, I didn't want to spend again.

I thought about it and decided to use my old shoes again. At least they worked in my half marathons. The new pair of shoes (different brand) gave me a hard time at a 5k to 8k easy run! I doubt it would help in my 6+ hour run! (Too bad refunds don't work here as they do in the USA).

I was worried for the race because the most essential gear for it - my shoes, become questionable in its performance. Per, seeing my plight offered me something great:

NB 1063. This shoe was mentioned in Runnersworld Magazine for Best Update. Wayne of SFRunner blog gave great reviews for this pair as well so figured it should be as good as it seemed. Even the NB Glorietta staffs said this was the best pair for a person of my... ummm. . . size!

I got a size bigger as read somewhere that your feet swell if you have been running long. Not much of a size difference anyway so safer to get larger size. I got these shoes from Per as an advanced bday gift two weeks prior to my Mary and haven't broken them in yet. So I just kept using them. For easy runs (phew, they worked okay) and for walking as well.

Come Marathon day, I ran in them. And it felt great! Now, I am seriously thinking of getting a 2nd pair of these nifty shoes once prices go down further. There is a red color model and a blue one as well. Haven't decided which color to get.

The final running- related gift came from fellow runner and fellow Gemini Janine+ via her blog:

It was a RUNNING FATBOY action figure. With a tickle me Per doll. :)

Thanks everyone for the gifts. And I will see you this Sunday in my birthday suit, ooopss, I mean in my birthday bib!

Keep on Running!


straydaddy said...

Wow, congrats!
hope you win something :) We're raffling off great prizes from Columbia and Hitachi among others.


PS : Your lucky race bib entitles you to a 20% discount on all Columbia items. Good until July 5.

Gingerbreadman said...

Ey Dennis congrats on your lucky race bib man. Good luck with the GIG Run, maybe we'll bump into you while we're in the UP area. Run well and take it easy!


The Collective said...

Greetings Running Fatboy!

WE wish you the best probable time on your upcoming race. WE appreciate your insights on your web logs. It helps us, who are new to the running.

Run Strong and Prosper!

Running Fatboy said...

hi straydaddy, even I didn't win, I was happy with the very organized race.

hi Luis, too bad we didn't see each other. Congrats on your race too.

hi Collective, Thanks! Keep on running

straydaddy said...

Pls PM me your office/home address. Will send you something from the group. Thanks for joining the GIGRUN.

Hope to see you next year.


Running Fatboy said...

hi Straydaddy, can you send me an email at so can give you my details. Don't know how to send a PM kasi. hehe :) Thanks!

22loy said...

January 6, 1976 ba? I got my birthday as a number when I was with planet internet. My UP ID number is similar to my dad's batphone number.

When you buy a pair of shoes, do you run around in it in the store and outside it?

That's what I do. Maski the customers are staring at me and the saleslady has this worried look na baka takbuhin ko yung sapatos. Kase shoe stores tend to have carpet, kaya I go outside to try the shoes on concrete/slippery floor.

I do this with my badmin shoes, me pa-smash-smash pa ako, jump-smash pati. Run to front and back. I turn with my heels.

Applicable kaya to sa running shoes?

I don't listen to what other people are saying because I have flat feet. I really have to try the shoe before I know whether it's comfy or not.

Ya, bigger size, double socks, at least for badmin. I use old socks outside, para ok lang na-ma-stretch sya, tapos snug, new socks inside.

Don't know about running, pero for badmin, I love Thor-Los. My mom got them for me in Canada. When I told them how great they were, binawi nya! At gustong-gusto rin nya. Tapos it was available in a store in Glorietta, forget the name na.

Tapos wala na sya, tapos there was a similar-looking pair, dif brand, which I didn't try.

Thor-Los are cushioned socks. Sarap talaga, parang naka-apak ka sa cotton.

Good luck sa Run!

Running Fatboy said...

hi 22loy, its June 16th. :) I run the shoes inside the store for a little bit. But that isn't enough if you want to use it for long runs. Heard about Thor-los but I think they are expensive. Good luck sa runs too!