Monday, June 8, 2009

Sundown Marathon (May 30th, 2009) - Singapore Day 2

This is it! What I have been doing my long runs for. The main event! The big event for this RFB! Distance of 42.2 km! The full marathon!


The bad thing about doing a Sundown Marathon (which should be called a Midnight Marathon because of its starting time) is that we didn't get enough rest for this race.

On the day itself, we all woke up around 10AM and went to Orchard Road to do some window shopping. We got back to the apartment at about 5:00PM with tired feet. Oh man, not a good plan at all! But we were only in Singapore for a few days so why not make the most out of this trip?

Per and I went immediately to pack our race gears and I had my final meal before the big event: roasted chicken and rice brought home by my sister Carolyn. YUM!

At around 6:15PM, we left the apartment and went to the MRT station to take the train near the Changi Airport station. We were the only ones in running gear so it must have been an odd sight to the daily commuters but upon getting off the MRT station, we saw a lot of women (and some men) in running gear.

We got on the shuttle bus (and paid SGD 1 for it) as it drove off to the final destination: Changi Village.

Upon reaching the race area, Per and Carolyn went to the baggage counter to deposit their bags and get themselves ready for their 10km event (which will start 20 minutes from that time). I was there to watch their race and had a chance to meet my college friend Melody as we chatted over Espressos and cup of coffees near the race course.

8:30PM - 10km Women's race start. See previous entry.

9:55 PM - looked for the 10km finishers and found Per and Blanche at the grass area. Carolyn was nowhere to be found! Per was complaining how hot the weather was here compared to the Philippines and how they had no water till the 7km point. Definitely not a good sign!

10:45PM - changed into my running clothes and running shoes. Did a few stretchings. Went back to the group.

11:00 PM - Melody said her goodbyes and good luck to me as she left to get the last train out of Changi Area. Per and Blanche decided to stick it through the night and see me finish the race. (Big thanks girls !!!!!! )

To kill time, they will watch the movie marathon showing at the park - Transformers, Hulk, Iron Man (not sure of order of screening). Race organizers had free mats to give to them. There is also a stand for free yogurt and some free drinks. Plus, you can buy some beer here as well. It was a great party!

P.S. Carolyn was still missing!

Lots of people waiting for the movie marathon

The race course for the full marathon was shown on screen. For the ultra- marathon, runners will have to do two loops and should be able to finish both loops before time limit of 15 hours. Marathoners have it easier with a more lenient cut-off time of 10 hours.

11:45 PM - met another Pinoy runner doing the full marathon: Alvin. This will be his 5th 42km race so far. I said goodbyes to Per and Blanche and left them at the "Movie" area. Both Alvin and I walked to the starting point but I had to visit the portalet first so I told him to go ahead and we will just see each other at the finish line. At the portalet (while lining up and not inside!!), I met Jason, another Pinoy runner and fellow Nike classmate.

11:59PM - the marathon has started. And I am still lining up at the portalet. This is taking forever!!!! GRRRRRR!!! Good thing it's chip timer race!

12:10AM - As I walk slowly to the starting line, I realize that I have been awake for 14 hours! There were just a few runners by the time I got there. I have in my hand a bottle of pink Gatorade for safety measures. I cross the starting line. I press START on my Garmin and I start to run.....

To be Continued....


Nat said...

Good grief...not enough sleep and you went window shopping on the day? Didn't anyone tell you to rest up before the marathon?

Carolyn said...

I told him but he didn't listen! At least he ate. :)

sfrunner said...

Dennis, we'll be waiting on the next post.

ibetlacbay said...

bitin! where is the continuation. hehehe

Gingerbreadman said...

Ooh the suspense Dennis. :) Wow, what an advanced and world-class race by all indications. Keep us posted!


Running Fatboy said...

hi Nat, yah we always break the rules. On Per's first 16km, we didn't break in new shoes we bought day before, had 3 hours sleep only due to concert show and crammed running in one week lang to prepare for it.

hi Carolyn, all i can say is "Hehe" :)

hi Wayne/ Wilbert/Luis, thanks! I expected next post to be quite long so I had to break it up into two blogs.

Ramil said...

Hi, There's a run for home by globe on July 19 from fort bonifacio city to makati central business park. i will be up for the 21k. just to inform u na u can still catch up for the registration, online naman siya. til today siya. check out this site n lng for further details and registration.

hope to see you there!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Ramil, I have also signed up for this Half Marathon race. Looks fun!