Friday, June 5, 2009

Sundown Women's 10k (May 30th, 2009) - Post race

It's the women's 10km race in Singapore. This event started at 8:30PM on May 30th, 2009 and representing the good ol' country of Philippines are: Per, Blanche, Carolyn ! Go ladies! All eager to make their country proud!

Since my full marathon race will begin at 11:59PM of the same day, I went with them to the race venue and was their official photographer for this race.

Hmmm... Why is there a guy in the Women's 10k event? Oh, he is wearing a green bib, which means he is part of the corporate team.

Cue in "All the Single Ladies" song!

I was also able to ask one of the ladies to give a commentary on this event.

The following is Per's story:


I have been running for at least 2 years. I never really improved a lot but I must say, I never expected that I would enjoy running as I do now. This feeling of enjoyment lead me to agree on signing up for the Adidas Sundown Marathon – 10k Women’s run. This means going for my very first International Run to be held in Singapore. I was excited. All finishers will have their own Sundown Medal, Finisher Visor and Adidas Singlet. Finally, I thought, a race in a great country! Excitement and expectations were high.

May 30, 2009. It was time to do the run. For some stroke of bad luck, I was dehydrated due to my week long “stomach anxiety”. Didn’t have anything in my body the whole day but Skyflakes and Gatorade just enough for me not to faint. What the hell, I am still running. This is my first international run and there is no way I am backing out and besides, I am in Singapore, Adidas is hosting this race. What am I worried about? I am sure everything will be great!

And the race finally starts. My first 2 kilometers was great. Running at 6:40/km is not bad for me. But then, a stitch was beginning to form on my right side. Needed to brisk walk a bit for the pain to subside. I suddenly felt dizziness and hunger but told myself to run a bit more until the water station. The heat and humidity was beginning to be a bother and I was still waiting for that water station. I then asked a marshal how long till the station and he shouted, “at 7km!” My heart sank because I knew I couldn’t keep on running until the 7th kilometer without water. I was totally dehydrated. I decided to walk all the way through my 7th kilometer. Ran the last 3. Time was 1:23. Not bad for a dehydrated person with tummy aches. At least I didn’t faint, got my Medal and finisher visor. Haha :)

After the race

Wear that Bling Bling proudly !

Final results (total 10k participants: 1746)

Carolyn Ching - 54 min, 43 secs (Rank #9)

Blanche Yu - 1 hour, 17 min, 58 secs (Rank #734)

Per Ong - 1 hour, 23 min, 35 secs (Rank # 1025)

Congrats to everyone! Well done!


Nat said...

You guys need to bring your own fuel belts at all times if the run is over 5k! super super worth it once you get used to lugging the thing around your waist!

Gingerbreadman said...

Congrats on your finish man! Looks like it was a lot of fun :) I reckon you didn't bring your hydro belt on purpose? Could have helped. At least you fought on and didn't quit man! :) NIce run!


jinides said...

i don't have a fuel/hydro belt but i always bring a bottle of gatorade. it's a big hassle but at least i'll never get dehydrated plus it's instant weight training as well =)

and to blanche, how was the shorts situation? i presume it was perfectly snug this time? haha!

i wish i could've ran in singapore too...

Carolyn said...

Live and learn, at least we can chalk that Sundown Run in S'pore as another race under our belt! :)

Running Fatboy said...

I speak for everyone involved in this race when I say "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger". BRING IT ON! Hehe!

Ellie the Elepunk said...

Wow you sis finished 9th! Not bad, kaya pala we can't find her.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Ellie, we were almost right in trying to look for her at the podium! hahaha