Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sundown Race Pack Collection - Singapore Day 1

On our first day in Singapore (May 29th, 2009), we took the MRT to look for the Race Pack Collection at Athlete's Circle. We had the address with us but no map on to how to go here from the MRT exit. Good one!!! We ended up getting lost from a wrong tip given to us by one of the locales here but finally found our way back to the right path. A supposedly 5-minute walk from MRT exit turned into a 20-minute walk!

The weather was extremely hot and I was sweating by the time we found the store. Definitely not a good sign for the marathon!

Hivelocity. There was a runner store on the ground floor but we had to climb up a flight of stairs to go to the 2nd floor for the...

Self-portrait shot !

10km runners Per & Carolyn ! First time they had this event for this race. Unfortunately, it is open only for women. Only way for men to do a 10km event is to do the corporate relay (will be needing 3 additional runners for this).

Finally got my race pack which has an awesome bag and a Sundown Marathon singlet.

My personalized race bib number

Outside the running store. We ended up buying... Nothing! Haha! But did use my confirmation print out to buy Adidas 3/4" pants and running cap and get 20% discount for both items.

All the contents of the race pack laid out on the floor.
Too bad the singlet, even with the XXL size still does not fit me! Apparently it's Asian size so very tight for this Running Fatboy. Hope they won't use the same sizing for the Finisher Shirt (if I get it that is)!


ibetlacbay said...

i like the singlet

Anonymous said...

Hope you and Per are enjoying Singapore. Heard it's the cleanest city in the world.

Take care and enjoy the time there!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Wilbert, yah its pretty nice. Motivation for you to join Sundown 2010? hehe

hi Wayne, you are right on that. Very clean city!

Gingerbreadman said...

Wow that's awesome man! Nice pics! I wish we could have the same "world-class" level of race organization here in the Philippines. I'm thinking though, world-class perks equate into world-class reg fees haha.


jinides said...

nice free bag. is it canvas? if it is, dapat nagjoin si Janine+ so i can borrow the bag hehe