Monday, September 8, 2008

Borneo Marathon - October 12, 2008

As most of the runners here in good ol' Philippines will join the Adidas Run on October 12, 2008 to be held in Fort Bonifacio, I will be doing my run in another place and in another country.

The Borneo International Marathon is happening on October 12, 2008 in Kota Konabalu. Since I do not have the confidence yet to do a Full Marathon (my longest race so far was the La Salle 16KM), I will do the Half Marathon instead.
This will be my very First Half Marathon and apparently Borneo's too as this will be the first race conducted here.

Some other Firsts for me:
1. First time to use a Chip Timer. I still don't have an idea on how to attach this device to my shoe!
2. First time to attend a Pre-race Pasta Party. Initially, I backed out of this as wanted to explore the other eateries in KK, but upon learning that this was the only venue where I can claim the race kit and that they will make this dinner FREE for first 1,000 runners, I immediately signed up for this event. Can't resist anything that is FREE! Thanks Sabah Tourism Board! So lots of carbo loading for this run!
3. Should I finish race within the cut-off time, I would get my First Finisher Medal.
Aside from the items above, the race kit would also include a Borneo Marathon singlet, a marathon bag and RM50 coupon for Adidas shoes. Hmm, I just might buy one pair to reward myself! There would also be a 10 minute free foot massage after the race so looks like I am going to be a very pampered RFB!
Race Organizer Shan was very prompt in all queries that I had with regards to this. Best of all was the Runner's Special Hotel Package they had with some of the best hotels in the city area. Through this package, we were able to get discounted room rates for three nights stay, which includes the following perks: Free Breakfast every day and breakfast as early as 4:00AM on race day, free airport pick up and drop off from hotel, free shuttle service to the starting line and shuttle service back to the hotel from the finish line. I applaud the race organizers and that of POLAR EXPRESS TRAVEL for making this event very convenient for us foreign runners.
The race would start at 6:00AM for the half marathon. Cut-off time to finish it is 3 hours and 30 minutes. I'm hoping to conquer this at 2 hours and 30 minutes but even at 3 hours, I still do not mind as I am here for the race experience.
The race route looks relatively flat and will go through the city center. It was slightly revised from the one sent out earlier but this one is better for me as it will pass by the hotel I am staying at. There is a small chance that my non-running friends would be up already by the time I get there.

Very excited and looking forward to this. Now, all I just need to do is work on my long runs, which I really, really, REALLY hate!
Registration is still open for all categories and you may visit for more info.


Anonymous said...

Finisher Medal on a 21K. Wow. Sana ganun din dito sa Pinas. Goodluck on the your first 21K. After that you;d be dreaming for the full.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Manokan, Thanks so much! I am sure you will have a good time with your Adidas Run as well. Sayang will be missing out on that one 'coz of their change of schedule from Sept :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis. First and foremost, good luck in the 21K.

Regarding the chip, if it's something like the championchip, you can take the shoe lace and lace it through the chip. It will have two openings. If it's like the 'D' chip that they used for the SF and LA marathons, please read the instructions closely.

The pasta feeds are good. I've always made certain that I get enough water in my system the night before so one doesn't dehydrate the day of the race. A friend of mine dehydrated on Saturday in Canada, mostly because of the weather conditions.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Wayne,
Thnanks for your helpful tips. Yes, I will be drinking a lot of water before race starts as looks to be hot in that country.

run unlimited said...

hey running fatboy,

good luck on your run, kaya mo yan. re: your long runs, if you hate this, run in splits. take your first in the morning and the second in the afternoon. parang tumakbo ka na rin ng long run niyan sa isang araw. keep on carbo loading three days prior to the run. keep on running.

talk soon,

Running Fatboy said...

hi run unlimite,
Thanks for visiting my blog :) Yes, I thought of doing splits but realized that it might be better doing all in one morning so come afternoon/ evening I can relax myself