Wednesday, September 10, 2008

RFB takes a break -Oktoberfest style

Running Fatboy takes a Break from all that running and waking up early (to the glee of Perper Oven) to have a busy Friday night.


First was watching the opening show of local production of West Side Story starring Christian Bautista and Joanna Ampil at the Meralco Theatre. A re-telling of classic story of Romeo & Juliet as two lovers encounter each other from opposite ends of two clashing street gangs.
I didn't know who Joanna Ampil was when I learned about this show but very glad that I saw her perform. She has a very good voice when it comes to singing the different songs of the musical. She is based in London and has done a lot of musicals there. So why is she here? West Side Story was her dream role so upon hearing it, she sent a video audition to the director to which she got hired, came back to the Philippines for practice staging and the rest is history. Taking turns with Joanna Ampil is popular actress/ singer Karylle. Musical director: Gerard Salonga.

Some Trivia: Audie Gemora (executive producer) and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo (director) both had lead roles for this musical when they performed it some 25 years ago! Full circle for these two people.

Tickets for the show can still be bought at


The musical ended at 10:00PM so it was off to San Miguel's Oktoberfest for us. An Oktoberfest in September? And first week of September at that! Well, San Miguel has a plan to make it 120 days of drinking, hence starting it way ahead of time. Not only that, but it attempts to break Guiness Book of World Records' umm record for world's longest bar by making it 600 meters long (current holder of title is Taiwan at 240 meters).

I was looking at trying to get into the general admission area but the time we got there, it was already closed for entry as at full capacity. The only option left was to go to the air-conditioned tent, pay the Php 300 entry fee and just watch the live concerts via a large projector screen (with grand finale Third Eye Blind set to perform).

For Php 300, it was worth it as entry fee gets you three specially made San Miguel's Oktoberfest draft beers (which tastes better than the regular ones), yummy food on a paper plate (very meaty spare ribs, lots of sliced sausages and ice-cream), and even some free games. Plus, it is quite comfortable as tent was very spacious, had a lot of vacant seats and tables and air-conditioner warded off the hot, humid night. All in all, we were glad we didn't get into the general admission until....

Third Eye Blind came up on the projector screen. That I didn't mind as can't remember what they looked like anyway! What irritated me was that they forgot to install speakers next to projector so Perper Oven and I were left trying to decipher what they were singing from the movements of their lips and the muffled sounds outside the tent. Oh well, guess there is only so much a P300 entry fee can do for you...

All in all a very good night and a memorable experience for both events.

Entrance to the tent

Ooohh Limited Edition = Rare, hard to find item! Ebay here I come! haha

Beer Exhibit

Perper Oven tried her hand at throwing darts, and hit the wall, the floor, and almost a guy's head (good thing he ducked in time). That's too much beer for you girl!

Beer Line-up

Who wants a cold glass of Running FAT BOY??

This is what it looked outside the tent. Another successful event for San Miguel Beer!

Closest we got to see a MUTED Third Eye Blind. What a disappointment...


Oktoberfest Scrooge =) said...

Hay nako, this thing made me late for my dentist appointment 'coz they blocked off the roads to set up. =/

Running Fatboy said...

hi oktoberfest scrooge, I can understand your plight as they closed off San Miguel Ave. and part of J. Vargas Ave from Thursday to Sunday to prepare for this event.