Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Balance Race, Clark - November 15-16, 2008

This race was always at the back of my mind ('coz done by New Balance so curious on how they organize this and what free stuffs they would give away.. hehe ) but not something I take seriously for a couple of reasons:

1. It's far - 2 hours drive from Manila means waking up 2 hours earlier for it. That means if I wake up at 420AM for a race in Fort Bonifacio, I need to wake up at 2AM for the Clark Race. Why even bother sleeping???

2. Distance of 25KM - Farthest I ran in a race was 16k via La Salle Run last July. Never done a full marathon or even a half-marathon so not sure if my legs and heart are fit enough to handle it. Remember, I am Running FATBoy and that is never a good sign!

But things have a way of working out somehow. I had dinner with my friends last week at Italianni's over at SM Megamall and everyone was interested in doing an out-of-town trip before the year ends.

That was when I brought up Clark Overnight Stay, saying it's convenient as just 2 hour drive (oh now it's convenient!!) and can be done over the weekend so no need for a day off work. Almost everyone agreed right there and then. Problem #1 solved!

Through the power of the web, I was able to find an affordable lodging area near Clark Airbase Main Gate and got two suites which had two Queen Size beds in each room. Costs about P2,800 net of everything and split to four pax is P700.00 per person. Hotel owned by German and has good reviews with regards to the food (sausage, sausage, sausage) and amenities of hotel (free wi-fi, swimming pool, pingpong table, karaoke, gym). Room has basic TV, air-conditioner, and hot and cold shower but that is all we need anyway.

So far 10 of us have confirmed for this trip. Out of 10 of us, 5 have confirmed to do the Clark run on Sunday morning with a possible 2 out of 5 doing the 25km. I am one of the possible 2 (Janine+ is the other one) and which race I would do would depend primarily on how I feel three weeks before the race.

I have a half marathon race (my first!) planned for October so will see how bad/good I feel after that one to assess this event. So problem #2 is still unsolved but at least this run, whether 10km or 25km looks good to go!

On the trip, we plan to go to Clark early Saturday morning and getting back to Manila Sunday afternoon. We might take a side trip to Subic on Saturday via the new Clark-Subic Highway and come back the same day.

I also checked out New Balance website (www.newbalance.com.ph) to get more race details but they do not have it yet. I did like their slogan for Running:

You are in a relationship with Running. A LOVE/ HATE Relationship. It's a balance between joy and pain, work and play.

For every runner, there's a constant struggle between pain and pleasure. Between good days and bad. Between LOVE and HATE.


So very true...


sfrunner said...

Hi Dennis. I've been in contact with New Balance Philippines. My understanding is that sometime in September, they'll have more information regarding the race. I recently sent them an e-mail regarding the 25K distance. My vacation (in small part) had to do with this event since I work for New Balance - San Francisco.

I will likely stay in Clark (or somewhere nearby) the Saturday night before the race. This hasn't been confirmed yet (I've talked with one of the runner bloggers about it.).

Anyway, I've heard that this race has done well over the last couple of years.

janine+ said...

You lie, Running Fatboy, you lie! This was not planned over dinner (unless I was too drunk from panna cotta shots). This was discriminatingly planned while we South people (me and Jinides) were walking to a different parking lot. hahaha. Just kidding, RFB. It was a great idea. Ooh, I can't wait. This is going to be so much fun! Let's go brainwash more people to go the distance! =)

Running Fatboy said...

hi Wayne, I actually heard about this race via your blog so it will be nice that we will be running on the same day. If you google "New Balance Power Race Clark", you can see some pictures from last year: lots of trees, flat ground and not much cars so looks to be pretty good.

hi Janine, (insert sinister laughter), you are definitely right on that, but it is always harder to convince the non-runners than the runners to join a running weekend thing. Still, so glad it worked and we now have one first time 10k runner joining us as well. Now, we just need to brainwash OURSELVES to do the 25K!!

seventh said...

Hi there! you have a great blog about running and travel. And I read you're joining the Borneo Marathon. Cool.
I'll be joining that too and it's my first half marathon.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Seventh,
It will be my first half marathon as well so good luck to the both of us! Hehe...Thanks for visiting.

jinides said...

can we do other runs before this one so i can practice? =)

Running Fatboy said...

hi Jinides,
Yes, definitely! We can do in October as no Fort Bonifacio run scheduled for September