Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Takbo Breast Friend - October 5, 2008

I have already registered for this race along with fellow runners Per, Janine and Jeanne.

Last time I did an Ultra Fun Run was for the Exodus Run last March 16,2008 for the 10Km distance. My finish time back then was at 1 hour & 4 minutes so hopefully I can do better this time around. I need to push myself especially for the killer uphill portion near the motel area.

There is some doubt though on whether I can beat my Ultra 10Km record as training less speedwork these days and more focused on long runs at easy pace in preparation for the Half Marathon race. I will focus on running on treadmill at inclined pace this week for this race.

For Per, this will be her first Ultra run and for that, she will do the 5Km race. Last time here, she was the official photographer, spectator and video person so nice to know she will be an official runner in this event.

For Janine+, this would be her first Ultra 10Km run (after doing a 5Km last year). It will be hers and Jeanne's first year anniversary run so I am hoping they would treat us for breakfast! Hahaha.

Takbo Breast Friends... Forever!

Race Details
Assembly time at 5:30AM and race will start at 6:00AM. The 10Km course will be two 5Km loop from Meralco Avenue, down J. Vargas Avenue, C-5 area and back again towards Ultra. Entry fee is P200 and comes with race number, race info, and a shirt (size Large only). You may contact Emeline at 0922-8948728 for more details.

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janine+ said...

It's good to always have hope. Keep on hoping for that breakfast, RFB. Maybe on our golden anniv run or something. ;)