Monday, May 25, 2009

Auto Review 10k Run (May 24, 2009) - Post race

The Auto Review Race was held at McKinley Hills on May 24, 2009, and I was there by 5:30AM for the 6:00AM 10km race. This time, I am flying solo. But I was able to meet Janine+ and couple Neil and Mylene at the race site.

Parking was convenient as we were lead to an empty lot just a few meters away from race start. I was able to do a warm up jog of 3.24 km (at pace of 7:19 min/km) around the vicinity and from my jog, I realized how difficult this race would be. Just like the RUNew race a few months ago, the route will go around the very hilly McKinley Hill and out of this area and into Lawton and heading into Heritage Park before coming back to the starting point.

My feet don't feel fresh, I feel bloated and was tired but I was still optimistic that I will achieve goal of sub- one hour target. After all, I have been able to do sub- one hour races in all my 10k races for this year so probability of achieving it again is high.

The 5km runners were launched at 6AM, to be followed by the 10km runners and ending with the 2km runners. In between the release of the 5km and 10km racers, there was a short interview on the oldest runner (at 91) who looks way fitter than this RUNNING FATBOY! Right after his small speech, we were given a countdown from 10 and once it reached 0, we were off!

Immediately, we ran to the hilly area as we made a turning point there. Another hill was at McDonalds as we leave McKinley Hills and head towards Heritage Park. I was already tired and gasping for air but didn't want to walk so soon in this race. I skipped the first water station as people were crowding it and focused on targeting the second water station. Thank goodness there were ample water here as the weather was really really hot! I am so glad I only had to run a 10km distance and not do anymore long runs! PHEW!

But I was definitely slowing down. My pace was mostly above 6 minutes/km and no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to go faster. Running in Heritage Park was difficult due to lack of tree shades from the sun rays and walking was equally hard for the same reason mentioned.

I was counting down the KM I still had to cover and just kept looking at my Garmin for the distance. I didn't care anymore about my goal as I know it would be unachievable. On the last km I sped it out and back into McKinley Hills for the final hill before reaching the finish line.

My finish time : 1:02:58! This would be my slowest 10km finish time for 2009! Yikes! All my other 10km races for 2009 were below 58 minutes. This was a major disappointment. But I realize that it was because of my training as I focused more on running long at easy pace instead of running short at hard pace. But it was still 5 long minutes! AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!

Rather than dwell in the past, and thinking what could have been or what should have been done, I ran to my car and got camera to take finishing shots of my friends:


Running with eyes closed! Now, that's something I can't do! Go Janine! :)

2. NEIL - another 10km race in his track record. Congrats bro!

After running for more than an hour, Neil and I were both grateful to park our @sses on the sidewalk. His wife Mylene took photos below:

DLSU Batch '97 photo: Mylene, Neil, RFB

After the race, we got some free samples from Starbucks. Yummy!!!!! We also got a Finisher Certificate and Mylene won 2nd place for the Road Safety Slogan. Awesome!! All in all, a very well organized race. Results are supposed to come out in 48 -72 hours via
Additional announcement: There will be a 2nd Shake Rattle & Roll race this October! And 2nd time I will be missing it! GRRRRRR!!!
See you in the next race!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis. Still congratulations on the effort and the post. You have the right attitude on this. Remember, you came off a 10 miler recently and the body takes time to recover.

Also, this didn't sound like a very easy course by any means. Amaizing about the 91 year old!

Take care my friend and have a good week ahead.

janine+ said...

Running and SINGING (feel na feel siyempre) with eyes closed! =) Can't beat that. haha.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Wayne, Thanks for your words of encouragement.

hi Janine, that is just TOO much information for me. Hahaha!