Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Market Market Run - May 17, 2009

Yesterday, I was able to register for Per and myself for the 10-miler Market Market Race to be held at (where else!) Market Market.

For Php 300, race kit comes with 1) a singlet, where size varies from S, M, and L (but at time of registration, they only had L size), and 2) the race bib.

There were no race maps but the concierge was helpful enough to show me the 10-mile route:

It starts from the rotunda in between Serendra and Market Market, goes through Serendra, British School, International School (I.S.), 10th Avenue for turning point back to British School but instead of going back to Serendra, route goes straight to 5th Avenue (St Luke's), out to Lawton, and heading to (but not into) Heritage Park for the turning point again to the finish line.

Big Ooopsss! - I told Per that the course should be relatively flat as assumed route will be around the Market Market mall only and having two loops of the 5 mile route. Clearly, I am mistaken in all my guesses!

I will make it up to her by running by her side for the entire duration of this race and goal of finishing it for a new couple PR.

Race bib. Been a while since I last saw this material. Think this will be the first race I've joined this year to use this again. :)

Z' Official Singlet.

Registration is ongoing at Market Market. I would also recommend getting the promo ad (picture at top of page) as it isn't part of the race kit but had all the rules and regulations at the back of promo ad (including starting time, portalet locations, water stations, etc.).
For some reason, the girl on the photo kinda creeps me out and reminds me of the movie "Halloween". So sorry about that.
Aside from the 10-miler, this race also has 2-mile and 5-mile categories.
See you there!


Jinoe said...

This is an interesting run. Might join as a prep for the Baguio Run the following week.

Pa grab ng pic on the singlet ha. Will post it at the website.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Jinoe
sure thing ! Good luck in Baguio!

Anonymous said...

Dennis, good lick to you and Per this Sunday. Sounds like a good organized run. Take care and have a good weekend.