Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Auto Review Run 10k - May 24, 2009

This will be my 2nd race for the busy month of May. It has been a while since I've joined a 10km race so not sure if I can achieve my goal of running a sub one hour for this race. I have gotten used to the long runs at an easy pace so this may be challenging for this RFB. It's time to activate those fast twitch muscles again... or in my case, FAT twitch muscles!

Registration is ongoing on the 3rd floor of R.O.X. Fee is at Php 300 for 5k and 10k events. Php 250 for 2k event. 10km course will start at Venetian Center at McKinley Hills and head out to Lawton St for the U turn back to the finish line. Race will commence at 6AM.

What comes with the race kit:

1. Auto Review Bumper Sticker - to stick on your automobile, laptop and even on your enemy while he is fast asleep!

2. Race number - so far, the biggest I've seen in my entire life! So Freaking huge!

3. Race Singlets - comes in S, M and L. Very big sizes!!!

In line with the theme of this race, I have taken all above photos from inside my car. Hehe.

It looks to be a busy day this Sunday:
The whole day event will also be a road safety festival of sorts as automotive and other sponsors will share their own road safety and environment advocacies , highlight the safety features of their vehicles and conduct test drives of the latest car models. Talks and quizzes on road safety and a basic motorcycle riding clinic will also be part of the Road Safety Exhibit
What is particularly interesting was an added prize category : For best outfit with connection to Road Safety. So, shall I dress up as a crash test dummy or wear an inflated tire around my waist? Hehe :)

It's time to GO FAST AND FURIOUS! See you there!

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