Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Race Report Card '09 - Half year Assessment

My Second Year of Running began from NOV 2008 - NOV 2009, thus the first half Report Card '09.

After doing my FIRST YEAR of running, I set some goals for myself as written below: Goals in BLUE. Results in RED.

1. Finish a Full Marathon. Target: 6- 6.5 hours

Progress: NOT YET ACHIEVED. But have Target: Adidas Sundown Marathon, May 30th, 12 midnight start. Target 6 to 6.5 hours

2. Lose Weight. Target: 10 lbs off this Running Fatboy body.

Progress: 4 lbs off this FATBOY. 6 lbs to go! Haven't given up on eating desserts, chips and all those junk foods. . . YET!

3. Try to finish more 10k races under 1 hour mark to increase batting average. On first year, from start to October 2008, its 5/17 under 1 hour (Menshealth Urbanathon not included) with average of 29%.

So far so good, its 2/4 = 50%

PROGRESS: 3/5 with recently concluded Delta Run (Feb 8) = 60%

PROGRESS: 4/6 with recently concluded Takbo Kalikasan (March 8) = 67%

PROGRESS: 5/7 with recently concluded MH Miracle Run (Mar 29) = 71%

4. Set new 10km PR by going under 58 minutes. Must run at pace of 5min 45sec/ km. Existing PR 58:27

DONE! New PR at PSE Bull Run – Jan 18 with PR of 57:08

DONE AGAIN! Delta Run – Feb 8 with time of 57:34.

DONE YET AGAIN! Takbo Kalikasan – Mar 8 with time of 57:56.

DONE AGAIN! NEW PR! MH Miracle Run – March 29 with time 56:16.

5. Do more Half Marathon races and try setting new P.R.
Current PR at 2:29:34 via Borneo Half Marathon (Oct '08)


DONE! New 21km PR at Condura Run – March 22 with PR of 2:15:09

DONE! - Joined more races - Greenfield Sta Rosa 21km and New Balance Power Race 25km (set 25km PR of 3:03).

6. Get new PR for Couple 10k race.


DONE! New PR at Milo Manila Finals – Nov 30, 2008 with PR of 1:16:21. (Per's 10k PR now down to 1:08)

NEW COUPLE PR for 15km - Feb 22, 2009 with PR of 2:03:04

7. Get new PR for 15k, 16k races. Current 15k PR at 1:36:46 (Mizuno '08). Current 16k PR at 1:38:10 (La Salle Run '08)


DONE! 16k Yakult race beat existing PR for both 15k and 16k! New PR of 1:36:23
DONE AGAIN! Now at 1:32:25 at Happy Run in Fort Bonifacio (Jan 25). New 15k PR
DONE AGAIN! Now at 1:28:11 at Power Run in MOA (Feb 15). New 15k PR




8. Try and have Per Go the Distance. Run longer than 10km


DONE! 15K RUNew Race at Fort Bonifacio

NEW TARGETS: 16K Market Market Race, 21k San Francisco Half Marathon



Two more goals to achieve. But these two are the hardest. Will hope for the best! Fingers crossed! (But prayers work best for me). Thanks to Coach Rio and his Nike Training team. They were a big help in me going longer and faster!


Rico Villanueva said...

Dennis, bakit panay pula ang results mo? Di ba red means bagsak. Hehe....Well done, bro. And have a blast during your marathon. For sure you will lose at least 2 lbs dyan sa Singapore. Wag lang masyadong kain ng chicken rice lah! :-)

Running Fatboy said...

hi Rico. Hehe. Red lang so it would look more colorful. :) Thanks! Hoping to finish with a smile for the marathon and not a frown :)