Monday, February 11, 2013

Disney Family Fun Run 5km (Dopey Race Part 1)

The Disney Family Fun Run 5km is exactly how it is described - as a fun run!  There is no timing clock, no chip timer and no winners here.  Everyone was enjoying this race as it started from the parking lot of Epcot Center and goes around this area to finish at around the same place too.

A LOT of people were in various Disney costumes - from the standard Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes, to Goofy, to Tinkerbell and a lot of Disney Princesses too.

Since Per and I were staying at a Disney Resort, we had free shuttle services to and from the race venue, which really helped a lot.  It was a bit cold when we were there and I got hungry.  Good thing they had food booths there and I had a little bit of cash with me, which I used to buy a warm cup of coffee.  Yum!!

Minnie and Mickey Mouse both getting ready to launch the 5km race!

There was a bleacher area there at the finish line so it was the perfect area for Per to wait for me finish my race.  After all, how long does she need to wait for me to cross it?

That is me walking to the finish line!  Yes... walking!!!  And this is just a 5km race! 

But it was also the first of three part races that I joined, with me having to run a Half Marathon the following day and a Full Marathon the day after AND to try to pull Per too in the 42.2km race (although I did give a disclaimer to Per that if she felt stronger than me, that she should overtake me and finish her own full marathon)!  And this my friend is called a DOPEY Race, unofficially still as Disney hasn't categorized it as a separate event... YET!

So I needed to conserve my energy from this run!  It's safe to say that it was the S-L-O-W-E-S-T 5km race ever for me!  And as for my time...well, since this race doesn't have any record of any finish time, I guess you  loyal reader will never know about it. 

Me having a good time.  Take note:  I still haven't crossed the finish line!  Talk about FUN RUN!!!

5km Finisher!  And first Disney Medallion!  Yahoo!

Congratulated by the Main Mouse himself, Mickey!

And Minnie Mouse... for which Per gamely joined in the photo taking as well!

 There were water, sports drinks, bananas and some snacks at the finish line too for all 5km finishers!

One Disney race down... Two to go!

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