Friday, February 8, 2013

Disney World Marathon Expo!

The Disney Marathon Weekend that was held last January 11- 13, 2013 began (as with most International Marathons), with the runners attending the Marathon Expo to claim their race kits, which would include their race bibs and race shirts. 

Since we were staying at a Disney World resort, there were free bus services to the expo every 15 minutes!  Very convenient!  We can keep going back to the expo if we wanted to (which we did)!

The organizers even provided a schedule of events conveniently placed at the lobby of our hotel (see picture above).

 As we got off the bus, we can already feel the excitement in the air!  Hmmm, is that a newly arrived runner from the airport next to Per or is he planning to buy a lot of stuffs at the expo? Curiosity!

Inside the expo, there was a small section where popular athletes were giving some inspirational talk.  We got in time to see Dick Beardsley recount his Boston Marathon race with Alberto Salazar.  I was prepared for this and had his book with me. 

Woo Hoo!!!!

Completely made my day!  Now, I better put the book in an acid free plastic and inside a fireproof safe! 

Per claiming her Marathon kit.  This would be her First ever Full Marathon and as every marathoners would know... you never forget your first time!  E X C I T I N G  !!!!!

All set for the race!  Our bibs are personalized so people can call out our names to encourage us to keep on going!

Woo Hoo again!!!

 Our goal on January 13th 2013 - the 20th year of Disney Marathon special finisher medal!

Me with my Goofy Bib, which requires me to finish a Half Marathon on Saturday and a Full Marathon on Sunday WITHIN the time limits!  GULP!

And I had to maximize our stay here by registering for a 5km Race that will be held January 11th so three races in three days for this RUNNING FATBOY!

Couple picture!  We are ready!

The huge expo at the building opposite where we got our race kits.  To say we bought a few items here is one big UNDERSTATEMENT!  New Balance even released special edition Disney Marathon shoes!  Too bad my size were all gone by the time we got to the New Balance booth at 2pm.  Sigh!

But it didn't deter us from spending our $$$ here to buy all sorts of stuff.

The expo was held at ESPN World of Sports Complex, about 10 minutes from where our hotel was located.

A foreshadowing to the Disney Marathon?  We ended up running where these cars would race each other!

It is soooo ON baby!

Fun filled day here... now the pain begins!

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