Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Disney World Half Marathon 2013 (Dopey Part 2)

Day 02 for the Disney World Weekend began with me taking the bus ride once again at around 4AM to get to the starting line.

The starting line would once again begin at Epcot Center but unlike the 5km run, it was a longer walk to get there.  I was part of Wave D and waited a bit there before our race wave would begin.  There were fireworks for each race wave and Donald Duck was the one who did the countdown for each wave (it was his race after all).

At the Marathon Expo a few days ago, I had already bought two coupons from Marathon Foto, that would give me $35 discount for each $100 purchases made.  Knowing this, I made sure to pose at every person who has a camera and wearing the official Marathon Foto jacket.

One of the nice things about joining a Disney Race, as opposed to any other road race is that you can really have fun here.  Like in this instance, I took time out to line up with other runners for a photo opportunity with Chip (or is it Dale?).  And Marathon Foto people are there to take photos of you as well, which is very handy as I didn't want to bring a camera with me and if I did, who would take a picture of me as I was running by myself!

Of course, I had to choose which mascots were worth lining up for.  Jack Sparrow and the Disney Princesses had huge lines and I had to skip them! 

I had to make sure that I was still within the pace limit as I didn't want to line up too long and be stopped from running by the sweep vehicles!  And lining up takes a long time too.  For the single photo above, my average pace slowed down by 15 seconds!  CRAZY!!!  

So I had to run fast again just to get to the average pace that I wanted (which was below 8 minutes per kilometer)....

There was a bottleneck here as we ran inside the castle (Mickey and Minnie Mouse were also positioned outside the castle but the line was really, really long).  

It felt surreal that I would be running inside Sleeping Beauty Castle and this was one of the highlights for the Half Marathon Race.  

With me doing the Half Marathon race, I can take a look at the course and describe it to Per so that she can be mentally prepared to do her Full Marathon.  The course is almost the same as the first 15km of the full marathon course so that can help her as well. 

"To Infinity And Beyond!"

Alice in Wonderland characters. 
"Off With his Head!"

(Poor Croc - nobody wanted to take a photo of him as no lines at all!)

It took me a while inside Magic Kingdom as there were a lot of nice characters to take pictures with.  "Never mind", I thought to myself, "I will just go fast at the second half of the race!  But not too fast..."

Everyone seems to be enjoying himself or herself here!

A lot of costumed runners.  Is that the character from BRAVE?

Back at Epcot and nearing the finish line

Yes, Half marathon done!

The Donald Duck medal was HUGE!  I love it!!!!


Disney Race # 2 done.  1 more race to get the Goofy and Mickey Mouse medals!!


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that's not tick tock! it's Louis from princess and the frog!!!