Friday, May 30, 2008

Borneo International Marathon - October 2008

The first Borneo International Marathon will be held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo (phew, long name) on 12th October 2008.

After having gone to KK for three consecutive years now and visiting the canopy walk, climbing to the peak of Mt. Kinabalu, looking for the weird looking Proboscis Monkey (blunt of so many green jokes), searching for the huge Raffleasia flower, relaxing at Manukan Island beaches, and eating at the famed @tmosphere Restaurant, this Fatboy felt that there was no reason to go back to KK. At least not this year...

But then, news came out that there will be a Marathon event there and I was curious enough to check it out. Seeing as they will do a half-marathon run, I looked at that route first. Course there begins at Likas Sports Stadium, going through the city centre and making the 10.5k midway turn near airport area to head back to Likas again. Race will start at 6:00AM with 5:30AM report time.

Entry fee for 21k event is RM 40 (US$14) for those who made the Early Bird (with cut-off May 31), RM 55 (US$19) for Early Follower (with cut-off July 31) and RM 70 (US$24) for Normal rate (with cut-off Sept 28).

Aside from full marathon and half marathon races, there will also be a 10KM, Kids 400m and Kids 800m run. Fees cheaper if shorter distance.

Registration Packs for full and half-marathon are basically the same (race bib, discount coupons, marathon bag) with the exception that for full marathon, it will be an Adidas running vest given out whereas for the half marathon, it will be a BIM running vest.

As luck would have it, friends Peter, Timmy and Ces are already booked to go to KK that same weekend via Cebu Pacific's P0.00 fare promo so at least I won't be there by myself. Peter has also decided to join half marathon event ,so now I even have a running partner!!!

Online payment (via VISA/Mastercard) has not been installed in their website yet ( but race organizer Shan has been kind enough to take our registration forms first to meet cut-off date for Early Bird rates, and allow payment once facility has been set up.

This seems to be a very well organized event, wherein people behind it are working with hotels for runners' special discounts and shuttle bus services are provided at a minimal fee for pick-up and drop-off on race day. On race course, there seems to be ample water and power drinks stations (every 1.5KM), portable toilets (every 10KM) and first aid stations (every 6KM). They will also be using a chip timer, which measures the actual time from when the runner crosses the starting line to when he crosses finish time. Without chip timer, starting time of runner will begin once race commence even if he is located at very back of the line. Chip timer will be attached to runners' shoes and returned after the race.

Added incentives for runners finishing race within required time (3.5 hours for half marathoners and 7 hours for full marathoner) will be a finisher medal which each runner will get for bragging rights.

As an added experience for my first International run, I have registered for the Pasta Party (US$8) held at Likas Stadium the night before the race. This is an all you can eat buffet for a runner's much needed carbo loading.

Looks like its KK 4 years in a row for this Fatboy. Wonder if I will be back again next year (for full marathon?).. hmmm... :P
P.S. My sister Carolyn will be doing her First International half marathon as well at the same weekend as this one but hers will be held in San Francisco for the Nike Women Half Marathon. Their slogan is "Run Like a Girl" with 90% of runners women. Instead of finisher medal, they will get a Tiffany necklace.
Good thing I didn't join that one as didn't want to Run Like a Girl (not to offend girls but more on because this Fatboy can't handle their speed).
Bad karma as now I have to Run Like A Baboon (based on BIM's logo). . . hehe


elepunk master said...

I see we have started referring to ourselves in the third person. =b

B.I.M said...

Hi there, thanks heaps for all your support and patience with us (organisers). It is runners like you and your friends who encourage us to try harder make this flow as smoothly as we can.
Should anyone have any queries please do email me at
BTW you should be running like a Proboscis Monkey (that's the animal in the logo). *grins*

Thanks again you guys. Looking forward to meeting all of you in October here in KK


p.s. apologies for double comment entry

Running Fatboy said...

thanks for correction Shan in terms of the animal on the logo.

Running Fatboy said...

hi elepunk master,
sometimes my split personality comes up on a whim.... :P