Monday, May 26, 2008

Triple D Tour (Dipolog, Dapitan, Dakak)

I joined the Federation of Photographers for this 5-day tour from May 21 - May 25, 2008. This is the 3rd time I've joined them with previous tours being at Hundred Islands, Pangasinan and at Batanes.

Flight time for Dipolog was at 10:45AM but plane got delayed for more than an hour and since no food offered in the plane (except for the highly expensive cup of noodles), we were all starving when we reached Dipolog. It was a good thing lunch was already prepared with lots of seafood dishes set on the table and near bottomless rice. First day was just orientation and getting settled in the hotel (or pension house for us as ran out of hotel rooms). But still, pension house rooms are okay. Only hindsight here is lack of hot water for showering.
We had some extra time so we used it to visit the Artists' Centre where every member of the family has some creative side to him. They paint, make statues, play the piano and the voilin, and even make a hella cup of coffee too. Now, that's talent!

Lots of family portraits and family sculptures done by other family members

Second day was spent at Dakak beach resort, about 30 minutes drive from Dipolog City. Resort was nice and had some fine sand on beach with no pebbles or rocks on it. Very clear water too. They also had 300 steps climb to the peak, which offered wonderful views of the beach area and nearby islands. Resort also have two nice swimming pools. Too bad we couldn't use it as only for hotel guests. Other resort facilities include billiard tables and bowling alley. Lunch was at the resort restaurant.

Beach view

Two different pools found at the Dakak Beach Resort.

The view after climbing the 300 steps. Tiring but very much worth it for this picture.
Heading back to Dipolog, we passed by Talisay, Dapitan to visit the Rizal Museum , a site which has re-created living quarters, kitchen and clinic of Dr. Rizal. At the entrance of this area, is the main building which contains various Rizal pictures, memorabilia and even his family tree. It is in this place that our national hero was exiled for 4 years before he headed back to Manila.

House and bedroom of Dr. Jose Rizal

Clinic of Dr. Jose Rizal

More to come....

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