Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pringles Run

This Sunday (May 18) will be the Pringles 3 mile Run or about 4.8 KM run at Fort Bonifacio.
This would be shortest race I would join as I usually join the 10KM and up levels, so would be interesting how I do here. Should focus more on speedwork instead of endurance running as just short distance . Glad too that course is just 3 miles, as quite tired already from doing two back to back Sunday races and just looking forward to resting after this event.
Lot of friends and family have already signed up for this race, including my MOM (in her first ever race)! But she will be accompanied by my nieces and nephew so three generations of racers for this event as my sister is joining as well. Family of runners just keeps getting bigger....
Pictures to follow...

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