Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My first Dasma Run - June 01, 2008

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t do this at all. Reason being is that it is too expensive at Php 300 for a Philippine event run. It is not even advertised in the Philippine Runners Schedule so just a village thing. Shirt from last run wasn’t even nice (according to my sister). There is also strong possibility of rain occurring that morning as had been raining in the past few days. But, as part of my birthday gift, Carolyn has decided to pay my entrance fee for it. So, basically a free run and who am I to say no to a gift? So will be running there for the first time this Sunday (just in time for birthday lunch, not mine though) and was able to recruit Kervin and Per to the race as well.

There are some potential advantages here:
1. Since it isn’t advertised, it’s expensive and it might rain that day, then not much people running so streets won’t be crowded and can get good ranking too.
2. Last run here gave away free Krispy Kreme doughnuts so hoping this will happen again.

There is chance that this run will be hilly so need to do some more work outs at the gym. Goal is to try and finish this in less than an hour with target at below 58 minutes and 30 seconds by having as little walking breaks as possible. But seeing as I didn't do much exercises in the past week, not sure if this will be attainable. Still, there is no harm in trying my best on this day.

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