Friday, May 30, 2008

Men's Health All Terrain Race - June 15, 2008

This event will be held in Timberland Heights, Rizal. Last time I did this was in June 2006 when they had their first All Terrain Race. Back then it was only 8KM but had a really hard time as incline is steep. It took me more than an hour to finish it and had hard time walking down stairs for the next couple of days. Now, these sadistic race organizers have not only put it back again but extended course by another 4KM!!
And this masochist Fatboy is here to receive it! I and my 200 pounds of blubber say to them, "Bring it on!".

Race will start at 630AM with warm up exercises to commence at 600AM. Fee is Php 300 (with Php 50 off upon presentation of Menshealth May/ June issues) and registration at all Powerbooks stores nationwide. To get race kit, you need to bring receipts to Summit office on June 11 at Robinson Galleria or on the race day.

For more masochist athletes (this Fatboy has his limits), racers can join BOTH the trail running and bike race events wherein they have to be back by about 830AM for the 20KM bike race. A Father's Day Festival will follow after all racers have finished their own respective races (just to show us that they aren't as sadistic as we think them to be).

Now, all I need to decide is whether I will wear my very light and reliable New Balance running shoes or opt for the safer but very heavy Fila Trail Running shoes... Last time, it was running shoes but don't want to get into any unnecessary injuries and with rainy season already here, risks are higher for a very frightened Fatboy...


janine+ said...

Looks like someone's running a marathon in blogging as well. haha. Ang sipag mo namang mag-post. Twice in a day... and so thorough too! =)

Running Fatboy said...

It's to make up for the one I missed yesterday and Tuesday...haha

elepunk master said...

Run Fatboy, run!!!!!!