Monday, May 5, 2008

Starbucks Bearista Destination Series 2008

The pioneer bear of this collection, comes from where else but the Philippines!

Upon seeing this at local Starbucks coffee shop, I immediately bought it (costs Php 625). Apparently, most Starbucks stores worldwide issued this Bearista Series at the same time this year. Only difference from each country is the flag the bear is holding in its left paw. This bear was bought in the Philippines, so it has Philippines written on it and Pilipinas written on the other side of the flag. Since this will be harder to collect (as need to be in actual country location to buy specific bear), I have enlisted help from family and friends and see how many I can get in this short period of time.
FYI, Last year's first series of Destination Series Bears featured the bear in classics Starbucks Apron with the country written on apron. All other details are the same per country.

Long time friend Melody got me this Taiwan bear to form the 2nd bear in this collection. Pitiful MOS burger bear not included in purchase.

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elepunk master said...

Nyehehehe. Mortimer strikes again.