Friday, May 2, 2008

May's Many Runs

One Month, Three Runs, Three Different Places!

First Run (Runnex 25th Silver Annivesary Run) will be this Sunday (May 3) at University of Philippines Campus. I will be doing the 10KM course (which just means doing the 5KM course twice, so I need to psyche myself that once I cross finish line, I will only be at half way mark and still need to run another loop before I can finish race). Race will start at 6AM.

Second Run (Champion 2nd Run) will be on May 11, which will be along the Marikina River. It will be my first time to try this route so I'm curious on how it goes. Course pretty simple as will just be one full loop around the river to cross finish line. View will be just the riverbank so might get bored by it. Also doing the 10KM route. Both these races have the same organizer so expect similar water stations alloted at different points of the race.

Final run for this month will be on May 18 at Fort Bonifacio. Registered for this one two months ago when I saw it being advertised at a New Balance Store in Makati. One of cheapest I paid for (only P100) but also shortest run for me at 5KM. A lot of friends and family have joined this one as well so lots of familiar faces come race day. Also, it will be a Pringles Run (with Mr. Pringles on the Race Bib, so probably the best bib of all the ones I have) and unique twist on the race in that if you ran all the way to the finish line carrying an empty can of Pringles, they will replace it with a new one upon surrender of old can. Already have an empty one stored in Per's house but still deciding whether to bring it to race given the fact that I have to carry and run with it all the way to finish line just to get a P55 worth of chips. Hmmm...but it should be fun if a lot of people do it on the race (set-up for possible Pringles Relay Race in the future).

Total of 25KM worth of races!


elepunk master said...

How in the world are you gonna join the May 10 run if you're here? Ya got superpowers I'm not aware of, Fatboy?

I'm curious as to what you'll do with the Pringles canister. If I had to do it I'd wear the open canister on my arm and keep the lid in my pocket. Easier that way. And dorkier. Heh.

Running Fatboy said...

oh so sorry, it's suppose to be on May 11 and not May 10. I have corrected the information. Thanks

For the Pringles, no mention of lid so at least one less problem to handle...