Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Champion Run Along The River - Marikina Run

First time for me to try this route so was interested to do it eventhough I will be ill-prepared for this run as coming in from late flight in Singapore the night before. Had only 4 hour sleep and almost missed this when my cellphone alarm didn't go off (or maybe it did but sound chip was broken). Good thing I had a secondary alarm set next to my bed so got to the area 5 minutes before the race started.

Since path is quite narrow, Race organizer Rio had the 10KM runners start on one side and 5KM runners start on the opposite side of the river to both finish at the same point (which is at the starting point of 10KM runners). There was also an announcement prior to start of the race, saying that the course has now been extended to 11KM instead of 10KM (5K route remains the same).

That morning was very hot but good thing there were ample drinks set along different areas of the race course. Lots of sights to see along the riverbank such as turtle, giraffe and snake statues, the giant shoe on the river and even a statue of Marikina.

All in all, a good run for me when I finished at 1:09:17 with average pace of 6:13 minutes/ km and ranked 405th place on the Men's division. Speed better than previous Sunday's run at UP where I finished 10K at 1:04:45 with average pace of 6:29 minutes/ km.

Course map for 10K run (before 10K run was extended to 11K). 5K start point right across the 10K start/finish point.

Marikina Statue

One of many shoes found in Marikina.

Fellow 10K runners Meynard and Gigay

Me and Kervin's respective races

Some creepy dead Janitor fishes on the riverbank

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