Friday, May 16, 2008

Starbucks Bearista - Hong Kong (and price index)

Thanks to Gigay and my Aunt for getting me this Bearista while they were in Hong Kong last week. Cost is about HKD 168.00. Photo taken at my office desk with Singapore Bearista at background.

With 5 generic (only difference is country flag) Bearistas in my possession (so far, all Asian series to coincidentally match my Asian tour which started on my birthday last June), I now have the means to do a very small scale pricing index to determine which country offers the cheapest products, based on current Foreign Exchange rates and cost of products in its local currencies. Very similar to Big Mac Index where they base and compare prices based on one common product each country has: A McDonalds Big Mac Burger!

Since I reside in the Philippines, price computation will be based on Philippine Pesos at existing market rates:

Hong Kong - Php 924.00 (HKD 168.00)
Singapore - Php 847.35 (SGD 26.90)
Thailand - Php 838.00 (THB 600.00)
Taiwan - Php 630.00
Philippines - Php 625.00

So Philippines still cheapest place to be out of these Asian countries.....

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