Friday, May 16, 2008

Impulse buying in Singapore

When one mentions Singapore, the first things that come to mind are: Orchard Road shopping, good food (Laksa, Hianese Chicken, street food), Singlish, no chewing gum and really hot weather all year round. I was just there this month for a couple of days and met up with some friends during the short 3 day trip.

Shopping was never something I look forward to while in Singapore as most items are just too expensive here.

Well, that all changed for me when I discovered this one small shop in Ngee Ann City Mall on Orchard Road: BRICKSWORLD. A shop opened by husband and wife, and devoted to selling LEGO products only. Now, I'm not really a big fan of this brick toy, finding its prices very expensive for so small a product and last time I remember playing with it was way back in 5th Grade.

But upon entering this store, I was fascinated by all sorts of new stuffs for sale that I ended up buying a lot of it and bringing it home. What's nice about these products is that they aren't the typical playsets that make houses, castles, trains, etc but these are things you can actually use at home. Things such as:

Egg Timer

Same Timer but different face

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Instructions (back part) for Salt & Pepper Shakers.

LEGO has gone into board games as well. I bought two of them at discount prices!

Big variation from the normal pen and paper game...

Really dig the gold tooth! That's detail for you!

I also bought this exclusive Chess Board set for about US$ 60 or so but haven't opened it yet. It is part of LEGENDS series of LEGO and now even thinking of buying some of the playsets for this series.

The "white" queen and king of Chess set vs.

The black King and Queen of Chess. Really like the scary black Queen. Hopefully I can post more pictures of this set once I opened the box and played with it.

Of course, my purchases won't be complete without having a Star Wars themed one to add to general SW collection. This time, I got a Millenium Falcon bag charm.

Upon checking the receipts for my purchases here, I found out that they have a website and can do on-line orders (Free delivery for Singapore addresses with minimum purchase involved).

It also lists all their branches in Singapore (apparently the one in Ngee Ann City is their biggest one...lucky me). Website:

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