Monday, May 19, 2008

Pringles Run part 2

It was raining early Sunday AM when I woke up so had to decide whether to push through with this or cancel it and go back to bed. Through a series of text messages between Per, Kervin, Gigay, Nat, and Janine, we decided to proceed as planned and see how things pan out (fingers crossed and prayer involved too).
By God's Grace, the rain did stop and we got a very cool Sunday morning. We found a nice parking spot at the Serendra area and met up with Per and Kervin at the starting point. We, implying me and my parents who will both be doing their first fun run.

Race started promptly at 6:00AM (maybe cause they fear another downpour) and we were off. There was only one water station and situated at the mid-point of the 4.8km course. In terms of runners, there weren't a lot of people who joined this event. I think some of the runners backed out because of the rain while others joined the other races happening on the same day (Market Market had the 5 mile run in Fort Bonifacio as well).
We all finished within the hour and took some pictures before it started raining hard again. Everyone then went to their cars or the nearest shelters. Too bad for this as there was an exercise program being done by a trainer onstage... but nobody was doing it with him! Worst were runners in Market Market race who got caught in the rain.
All in all, we had a lot of fun and even brought home some Pringles cans and sports drinks before heading to McDonalds for breakfast. Well worth the Php 100 entry fee!

The very fast military runners!

Group photo with family (3 Generations worth!) and friends.

Multi-colored runners

"You never forget your first time" :)

Cool shot by contortionist friend Janine...

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